Tired of reminding AI about the same things, over and over?

The cure for AI amnesia is here! Now, your favorite AI tool can remember important things you tell it and recall them when you need them most. Available today for TypingMind.

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AI tools are incredibly useful, but let's face it...

Having to share important details and remind them of your preferences, every, single, time, is a pain.


Launch AI for quick help


Waste minutes sharing the same context you've given it a 100 times before


Lose precious time and get frustrated

What you need is an AI tool thatcan remember things

  • If you are using AI for content generation, MemoryPlugin can tell the AI about your business and remember your preferences, for example if you prefer a more personal tone, or include specific keywords
  • Now, you can journal with AI. MemoryPlugin will remind the AI about past interactions, so you don't start from scratch each time
  • Do you prefer using TypeScript every time? Want your variables to be snake_case? MemoryPlugin can help with that
  • Want to follow up on one or several previous chats? MemoryPlugin can help make that happen


Save hours of reminding every month



Best for power users

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  • Memory powers for your AI
  • Use with TypingMind
  • AI has unlimited memory
  • Access to future memory improvements

Cheaper than a coffee a month.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You get access to a plugin for the AI tool TypingMind. Once you install the plugin, the AI will remember important things for later, and pull from the memory when needed.
  • Yes! We care deeply about privacy. We only store summaries of important information, not the full chat. Your data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest. Your data is only used as needed to provide the service to you. You can delete any memory at any time from the dashboard.

  • Yes! If you aren't fully satisfied with the plugin for any reason, you can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Just reply to the purchase email. Feedback is highly appreciated.

  • You need to install the plugin in typing mind, and then keep using it as you normally do. When the model finds it necessary, it will save memories or look them up.

  • While most of the time it should be, it's ultimately up to the model to decide when to call the memory function. But you can nudge it by asking it to remember something or telling it you've already discussed something.

  • At the moment, yes. That's what I use and that's what the plugin is made for.

  • Technically, any model that supports function calling or tool use. OpenAI GPT and Anthropic Claude models do so, so does Gemini. The best experience will be with smarter models like GPT-4, Claude Sonnet/Opus, and Gemini Pro. GPT-4o will give the best experience.

  • Yes, you are always in control. You can delete individual memories from our dashboard, or you can clear all of it in one go. Delete operations are permanent with no way to recover deleted memories.

  • You can turn off the plugin during that chat but be sure to turn it back on. Memories can be recalled and stored only when the plugin is active during a chat.

  • At the moment this is not possible. But we might soon add a feature on the dashboard that will let you enter anything you want to be remembered.

  • Each time a memory is stored the current local date and time are stored with it.

  • TypingMind is a powerful AI chat tool that lets you use ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, and other AI models through the APIs and pay only for what you use. TypingMind has a plugin system, and MemoryPlugin can be installed as a plugin to extend the AI's capabilities.

  • Cool, contact us by email

Give your AI the gift of memory

Spend less time repeating yourself, and more time doing what you love. Let MemoryPlugin remember things for you.

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